I testified at a Senate Armed Forces Committee briefing convened by Senator Reed on November 8th.

Neta Crawford, of Boston University presented the most recent update of war costs from Costsofwar.org at Watson Institute, Brown University.   Following her stunning testimony, I presented testimony on how the wars have been paid for, a short briefing called “The Credit Card Wars”.

See my testimony here: http://watson.brown.edu/costsofwar/




What are we doing in Niger?

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I am re-posting a paper I co-authored with the late, great scholar Michael Intriligator entitled:  “How Many Wars is the US Fighting Today?”  We note that AFRICOM supports military-to-military relationships between the US and 54 African countries. There is little to no accountability for these activities and almost no transparency on the budget.

It was presented at the 6th Defence and Security Economics Workshop,  Royal Military College of Canada and Defence Management Studies, School of Policy Studies, Queen’s University in 2011.


Andrew Bacevich speaks truth to power

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From the Boston Globe on May 26th:

“Since 9/11, pursuant to eliminating violent anti-Western jihadism, that establishment has expended resources on a colossal scale. Yet the resulting global war on terrorism hasn’t gone well. Indeed, Drumpf’s success as a candidate stemmed at least in part from his willingness to make that very point.

Drumpf dared to say out loud what everyone knew but few in Washington had the gumption to acknowledge: that protracted military campaigns undertaken in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere had produced little of value. Rather than reducing terrorism, US military efforts were causing it to metastasize. The time had come, Drumpf suggested, for the United States to tend to its own needs”.



The bill for America’s Longest War is still unpaid

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Linda Bilmes argues that we have not faced up to the costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and that we will run out of money for veterans benefits unless we enact a Veterans Trust Fund.



Linda Bilmes on defense spending in the “Greater Boston with Jim Braude” TV show

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