Since the US invasion of Iraq, the suicide rate among US troops has reached record levels.

There were 67 suicides in 2004, 87 in 2005, 102 in 2006, 115 in 2007.  The Army suicide rate per 100,000 population has increased from 9.8 in 2002 to 18.1 in 2007.

By the end of August, 2008, there were already 62 confirmed suicides and 31 apparent suicides among active duty troops and guards.  At a Pentagon news conference, Col. Eddie Stephens, deputy director of human resources, said that  if all these suicides are confirmed as expected, the total number for 2008 will eclipse the 2007 rate.

The Army has been increasing the number of psychiatric personnel and mental health programs, but so far the situation seems to be getting worse, not better.


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