Despite improvements in the security situation, Iraq is still a very dangerous and violent place.

  • A suicide bomber attacked a police headquarters in Mosul on April 11, killing five US solders, 3 Iraqis, and injuring 60 others.  It was the second suicide attack on a police base in Mosul in the past 2 weeks — the previous one on March 31st killed 8 people.
  • Earlier in the week, President Obama visited Baghdad (where the poor security situation still forces US dignitaries to make only “surprise” visits) and touted recent security gains.  But the day before Obama arrived, 36 people were killed in six separate car bombings in Baghdad alone.
  • The latest bombings brings the total US troops killed in Iraq to 4271.  In Afghanistan, 672 US troops have been killed, which brings the total to 4941 — almost 5000.

While the numbers of US troops being killed in Iraq has dropped during the past year, the death rate in Afghanistan is increasing.   The deteriorating situation in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region is largely due to the fact  that the US neglected this vital area during the past 5 years while it has been preoccupied with Iraq.


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