Senator Byron Dorgan, Democrat of North Dakota, has discovered that KBR Inc. was paid $83.4 million in bonuses for electrical work in Iraq — much of the money paid even after investigators showed that the work was poorly done, and after several US troops were electrocuted in the shower.  More than a dozen US troops have been killed or seriously injured while showering in Iraq.  KBR is responsible for maintaining the electrical work.

In January 2008, Green Beret Staff Sergeant Ryan Maseth, age 24, was electrocuted while showering in his barracks in Iraq.  Three months later, KBR was paid another installment of $34 million on bonuses for this work.

The U.S. Army hired electrical inspector Jim Childs to inspect the facilities.  Childs testified that 90% of the wiring done by KBR in newly constructed buildings was done improperly.  He said that equates to about 70,000 buildings where US troops live and work that do not meet code.


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