The violence in Iraq continues to target people who favor peace, as well as truly innocent people who are buying food in the markets, attending mosques, weddings, funerals and going about every day life.

Today a horrendous series of car bombings killed at least 26 people and injured more than 80 others in Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province about 62 miles west of Baghdad. The bombs destroyed a series of reconciliation meetings set up in advance of the January elections.

Two of the car bombs detonated within 10 minutes of each other at Ramadi’s police headquarters, killing at least eight police officers. Less than an hour later, a third car bomb, driven by a suicide attacker, detonated outside a hospital.

Authorities believe the attacks were carried out by al Qaeda in Iraq, a Sunni militant group. This follows a rise in violence during the preceding weeks Anbar.,0,22011.story


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