A ceremony was held at Camp Victory in Baghdad to mark the fact that the “coalition of the willing” is now entirely composed of US troops.   Six months after the last remaining non-American coalition members (from the UK, Australia and Romania) pulled out of Iraq,  the name of the operation was officially changed from “Multinational Force-Iraq” (MNF-1) to “US Forces-Iraq” (USF-1).    The US currently has 110,000 troops in Iraq, which are scheduled to be reduced to 50,000 by August 2010.

Another milestone is that December 2009 was the first month since 2003 when US forces suffered no hostile fatalities (there were 3 non-combat fatalities).  While we welcome this news, it is important to remember  that 4371 Americans have already been killed in the unnecessary “war of choice” in Iraq to date,  while more than $1 trillion dollars has been spent so far, and the final cost will reach $3 trillion.   Meanwhile, nearly 4000 Iraqis have been killed in violent acts during 2009, and millions of Iraqis are still refugees, displaced in neighboring countries.


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